How to Track Your Loved Ones with a Tracker for iPhone

Tracker for iPhone: Tracking your loved one’s devices is crucial. However, most users are unaware of digital spy apps and their uses. Therefore, in this post_ we’ll discuss the need for spy apps and how they are used. 

The best tracker app allows you to find online activities from targeted digital devices without touching the phone. Still, you must read the app usage and how it provides authentic information. Therefore, please read the entire information that describes you as the best tracker app and how it is helpful for secret operations.

How to track your loved ones with a tracker app(Tracker for iPhone)

While discussing the phone tracking app and its usage, you have to know the best iphone tracker app. TheOneSpy is considered the best spying app for iPhone devices. It provides the perfect monitoring results via its helpful features. This app helps you track call conversations, social media activities, text messages, locations, and more. You can use it and find the other’s latest performances without taking the device. Once you install it, it provides you with the perfect solution for other activities. When you track the device, you’ll able to detect upcoming threats like cyberbullying, online predators, drug abusers, and strangers. This app never disappoints you while you monitor their phones. But, you have to install the app on targeted phones to prevent them from various threats.

What can TheOneSpy do for iPhone tracking?

TheOneSpy provides the best monitoring and tracking features that allow you to view your loved ones’ activities.  Here are its best features!

Read messages (Tracker for iPhone)

TheOneSpy helps you to read all sent or received messages from the targeted device. Parents can access their children’s text chat to know about whom they are chatting with. Employers can also read employees’ text messages on company devices to ensure their intellectual property.

Record and listen to call conversation (Tracker for iPhone)

With this fantastic feature, TheOneSpy helps you to listen to their conversation via recording secretly. User can remotely record their calls and listen to them secretly.

Monitor social media (Tracker for iPhone)

Now, you can know the social media performance of your loved ones without knowing them. This allows you to read their social media chats, shared multimedia, calls, and more. You can use this feature and see your targeted user’s social media activities from their iPhone devices.

Track real-time location(Tracker for iPhone)

Now, you are able to find your targeted GPS Location without knowing them. With this, you can check whether your child is at school and whether your employees are performing outside tasks very well. It means you can catch the lie by checking real-time location via an online dashboard.

Set geo-fence(Tracker for iPhone)

This app provides an opportunity to help you set online boundaries around your loved ones. This will notify you when your loved ones enter and leave a particular place.

Watch internet history(Tracker for iPhone)

This unique feature helps you to view your loved one’s internet activities without knowing them. Once you install TheOneSpy, you can check what your targeted users are watching online. You can see their most visited websites without knowing them.

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Block apps and websites(Tracker for iPhone)

you can remotely block apps and websites from your loved ones’ iPhones. This feature allows you to block unnecessary and unwanted websites and restrict phone-installed apps remotely. With this, you can protect your children from inappropriate online content and online bullies.

How to use TheOneSpy iPhone tracker app?

Before using the iPhone tracker app, you must know the installation process to accomplish it. You must follow the installation procedure before using the phone tracker app. So follow the below steps to use the iPhone tracker app.

Subscribe the app

First, you must visit the official websites of TheOneSpy app. You have to subscribe to a suitable package for iPhone monitoring.

Receive credentials

Now open your given email and receive the ID and password that you have to use in a further step.

Get the physical access.

Take the device into your hand to install and download the app. Once you installed it, you can set it to invisible mode.

Login to the web control panel

Now use the credentials (ID & password) and log in to TheOneSpy online dashboard.

View the iPhone activities.

It’s time to view the iPhone activities without knowing your targeted person.


Now, you have learned how to track your iPhone with the best tracking tool without knowing the targeted person. So, install it and view your loved ones all actions for their safety.

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